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We spent a year creating the best retouching course out there!

This is the ultimate retouching course, which will create a retoucher out of you in no time!If you're reading this, then you share our passion for photography and retouching, so let's make it happen!

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You will learn a step by step proven method of retouching, which will set you on a road to quick progress and success.

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What will students
learn in the course?

  1. 01 Retouching skin, hair and clothes.
  2. 02 Dodge and burn + HDR.
  3. 03 Creating your own retouching style.
  4. 04 Which tools to use and how to configure them.
  5. 05 Ins and outs of cleaning, creative retouching, relighting and photoshop grading.
  6. 06 Analysing the weak and strong points of a photograph.
  7. 07 Pricing, marketing and business basics of the postproduction market.
  8. 08 Knowledge of the process, which an image goes through, in order to attain it's full potential.
  9. 09 Talking with clients, important aspects to think about before starting a retouching assignment.
  10. 10 An overview of how the job of a professional retoucher looks.

If you’re serious about your images, this is the course for you!

  • Why did we make this course?

    We wanted to make a difference to the retouching community and so embarked on a year long journey. It has all you need to know in order to become a better retoucher. Up to now, there wasn't a retouching course created by a true post-production studio.

  • How does the course work?

    Each chapter is dedicated to certain aspect of retouching, from technical, through creative to business. If you feel you don't need to learn all of it, then feel free to skip parts. You can always come back to them later.Our system is designed in a modular way, so you can adapt it to your working conditions and requirements.

  • Who is the course for?

    Are you a beginner? That's just fine. We will walk you through all the steps necessary. Working pro? We've got you covered also. Of course you will want to skip some of the basic retouching lectures, but there are plenty of more advanced techniques and the workflow we outline is a one of a kind approach to a whole production pipeline.

  • Are there any course requirements?

    Basic photoshop knowledge.
    PC or Mac with Photoshop - version CS5 or newer.
    Preferably: A pen tablet like a Wacom. A mouse is also fine, yet retouching with a pen is a much better option and all examples are conducted using a tablet.
    A smile to brighten your road to great images!

Let's make it happen!

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